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Critic by Suyu

They say people in crypto never sleep and it's impossible to follow all the stuff that happens in this space all over the world. Here in my column, I'd love to share the interesting tweets I saw during the day and make a small comment. Just peek into this world 😄

Read about this analysis on Economic Models of Major Projects
From a non-technical point of view, this will give you a broader view of how projects are funded and their future financial perspectives. 
Let the fork coming


Ethereum mainnet Constantinople hardfork is coming!

Governance practice in validator community


Nice writing from Cosmos testnet veteran. Don't miss it

Plokadot Ecosystem is booming!


More and more teams start to build sidechains on top Polkadot

Game of Sakes Revive


Finally, the first adversarial  blockchain testnet is about to resume. The bravest validators will have a fresh start and shake off their rust. Good luck everyone :P

AMA on Cosmos and Polkadot
These two most exciting blockchain interoperability solution projects are drawing more and more attention these days. I believe no single solution is perfect and we need to learn from each other.