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About Me

I have been working in blockchain space for more than 2 years. Now I am working for IRISnet project as a blockchain engineer. I am responsible for testnet tool development and bridge development team and the community across the world. I also do a lot of research on Proof-of-stake consensus, especially Tendermint and work on crypto economics. My previous roles include working for big data and decentralized systems. 

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  • Technical Writing:

My Blog,  IRISnet-Blog

Cosmos Guide


My Current Projects

Blockchain Researcher

My two main research areas are Proof-of-stake consensus and crypto economics. You could read about my summary of the history of distributed consensus. I also published works on how to become a responsible validator. I also give talks about these topics. 

Testnet Master

Any successful blockchain project need its own testnet to verify and experiment their ideas and codebase. As a testnet master for IRISnet, I coordinate the launch of every testnet. My job includes writing blog post and tutorials. My work leads to an increase of IRISnet validators from both Chinese-speaking area and abroad. 


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